How do search engines work?

… it’s very complicated. As Google compiles its index, it calculates a number it calls PageRank for each page it finds. This was the key invention of Google’s founders, Mr. Page and Sergey Brin. PageRank tallies how many times other sites link to a given page. Sites that are more popular, especially with sites that […]

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OK, so what can I do?

Especially for personal websites, keep it simple: Use your name in the title of your site. Make sure you have stuff on your website. Update it every once in a while too! Websites that don’t seem to change at all over time seem abandoned and won’t get prioritized in search results. Don’t copy and paste […]

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What’s SEO?

 Search Engine Optimization Get your website higher on the page in a search engine What is SEO? – Why would we “optimize” for a search engine? Well, search engines are the main way people find websites, and websites are often the main way people look up information! How can we “optimize” our websites for […]

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