Domains camp


  1. digital identity / ownership (discussion / concept heavy)

  2. Getting started with your account and WordPress (technical walkthrough, and "roll up your sleeves" time)

  3. What is LAMP? (technical breakdown, understanding what is possible)

  4. Your identity on WordPress (how do you represent yourself? strategies + tools)

  1. Advanced WordPress

  2. What else can I do with my account?

  3. Teaching / Learning with domains

    1. How do we create learning experiences on domains?

    2. What do students do with the content they are asked to create?

(15 mins) come up with list of FAQs / pain points, whiteboard them


(15 mins) Share with large group

(25 mins) Brainstorm building blocks

(15 mins) Share with large group

(10 mins) Rotate to a different module and add to the list

(10 mins) Return to  original module and put the building blocks in order!