Basic Tools

There are many free and easy to use tools that meet different needs than the Adaptive Tools from the last slide. They aren’t as powerful as the Adaptive Tools, and they don’t meet as many specific needs, but they are easy to use and free. These tools fall into two main categories: Dictation and Text […]

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More resources

Tools WAVE Web Accessibility Tool MOOCs The Accessibility MOOC: Inclusive Online Course Design Basics of Inclusive Design for Online Education Resources The A11Y Project

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Adaptive Tools

Screen Readers Windows JAWS NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) Narrator macOS / iOS Voiceover Chrome ChromeVOX Android TalkBack YouTube: Marlene Zentz Screen Magnification Software Windows MAGic Magnifier macOS / iOS Zoom Chrome Screen Magnifer YouTube: freedomscientific   Speech Control Windows / macOS Dragon Naturally Speaking Youtube: Marlene Zentz

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